Vote Harold Godwinson

He is the rightful heir to the throne

The Contenders for the throne

Its 1066 and there are four contenders for the English throne because Edward the confessor has died: Harold Godwinson is the earl of wessex. Harald Hardraada is a viking who said king Canute promised his father the English throne. William: the Duke of Normandy and Edgar Athaeling who was Edward the confessors nephew however he is a very young child. They all had claims to the English throne, but these are the things that the true king must be: English, Skilled Warrior, Experienced leader and related to the king.

Experienced Leader

Look at it this way: Harold has been earl of Wessex for some time and Wessex is quite a large portion of the country. So this means he is an experienced leader and although William duke of Normandy said that he swore over the bones of a saint to make William king, how do we know this is true , we only have Williams word for it and he's a contender for the throne so he would want to discredit Harold wouldn't he. Harald was also an experienced leader but Edgar was not.

Seasoned Warrior

Harold was a very good warrior and has won many battles he is probably better than William although Harald Hardraada is supposedly the greatest warrior of the age. Edgar was obviously a not very good warrior because he was so young.


Harold and Edgar are both English but Edgar would not be a great king William and Harald are not English and therefore do not fit the criteria.

William duke of Normandy(above)

Related To The King

Harold Godwinson was the kings brother in law so he is related to the king. Harald although related to king Cnut was not related to Edward the confessor. William was not related to Edward but was apparently promised the throne by him. Edgar Athaeling was related to Edward because he was his nephew.

Harold Godwinson's death(above)

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