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Antony Blog has stepped down as leader of the Mars colony after losing in a game of chess to Daniel Loydd: the leader of the opposing party.


Remains of an alien creature we have never seen before have been dug up Archaeologists found the remains of what may have been an ancient polar bear which is now extinct.


Centauri Prime has been destroyed by warring factions, the intergalactic police are still looking for the culprits they said that they don't have a clue who it is but rest assured they will find them.


Will our sun really go nova in 200 years? Will we all die including our new moon Taron and Naron. Startling new evidence has appeared that our sun will explode but the scientists are not saying why yet. Our new moons were passing asteroids that while passing got caught and entered in an orbit around us.


K.J.Rowling has written the 200th book for the Harry Potter series; will it never it never end. The Harry Potter books were started in the 20th century by Rowling's ancestor J.K.Rowling and has been really popular ever since.


The wombats lost in a cyber hockey match against the kangaroos in North America. The captain of the wombats was really annoyed and demanded a rematch. The judges said no to this though.

Facts about the Earth

The year is 365 days and a quarter. That is how long it takes the Earth to orbit he Sun. The day is 24 hours. That is how long it takes the Earth to spin on it's axis. It takes the moon 28 days to orbit the Earth. It's atmosphere is made mostly of oxygen and nitrogen. It is the third planet of it's solar system.